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The 'Charlotte' Coat


This paint design has been living in my head for over a year, and I've finally found time to execute it. It is truly a coat of many colors, with a vibrant border of green, pearlescent blue, silver, turquoise and matte navy. Now, I know not everyone wants bright colors on their coat, so I've developed other choices, which you will see in the web store, but I have included the grey/silver here (because it's my favorite). Remember, I can customize to your liking with color of fabric and paint colors, to make it yours.

I have paired this coat with a navy tafetta 'other side', sporting my splatter paint pattern in turquoise and silver, trying to capture the look of the Milky Way. If shiny tafetta is not to your taste, I can tame it by using matte taslan.

This coat has the usual features of all my coats: waterproof, windproof, breathable, washable and reversible. Buttons are self covered.

This coat is ready for fitting.

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