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Tiger Stripe Jennifer Coat (long)


Sometimes I find a fabric that is just gorgeous and has a pattern that inspires me to paint - fabric, of course! This tiger stripe fabric, in brown and pearly pale, pale grey, is satiny and luminous and pairs perfectly with the chocolate brown waterproof fabric. Remember, only one side has to be waterproof fabric to stay dry, no matter which side you wear. 

I painted a subtle, darker tiger stripe down the back and the sleeves of the brown side to compliment the satin side. As always, this coat has extra large pockets and, as each side has it's own pockets, you always have secret pockets on the inside for valuables. And, of course, the collar pulls up into a hoodie.  Wear the brown side to work or for shopping and wear the satin side for a more elegant look. 

This coat has a micro fleece inner core and is ready for fitting.

P.S. I stopped making the belts because everyone said they liked the coats without, but if you want one, just let me know.

If you are in the Toronto area, we can meet in my studio or closer to you for a fitting. Please email me.

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