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The Jennifer Coat (long)


This year I chose to use a lustrous curly faux fur and paired the white fur with navy. I added snowflakes drifting down the coat, giving the effect of walking out on a crisp evening with the snow falling softly around you. As always, this coat is waterproof, windproof, breathable and washable. Each side has it's own, extra large fur lined pockets, so you always have an inside pocket to keep valuables secure. As with all Jennifer coats, the collar pulls up into a hoodie. This coat has the optional fleece inner core.

Hand wash, cool, with gentle soap. Hang or lay flat to dry. If you are like me and get makeup on your collars, just run the soiled area under the tap, soap, and rinse, so you won't have to get the whole coat wet.

Tip: With any fur (real or otherwise), do not sit on the coat in the car. All those micro movements will tangle the fur. You can pull it up around your hips as you get in.

I'll need your measurements (so sorry, but it's more accurate. Bust, waist, hip, arm from shoulder to wrist, height.

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