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The Jennifer Coat (short)


This particular coat has been sold, but I would be happy to make you one like it.  As with all my coats, this one is waterproof, windproof, reversible and washable. I love the chevrons on the collar, but you don't have to have them. The flowers on the grey side are poppies, but daisies, tulips or roses would work really well. The other side is a splatter pattern which is a favorite of mine, so you will see it fairly often. It is really fun to do and pairs well with almost any design I put on the other side.

Per usual, this coat is waterproof, windproof, reversible and washable. The collar turns into a hoodie, each side has it's own fleece lined pockets (so you have secret pockets on the inside) and you can choose a microfleece core for warmth.

What size do you want? small, medium, large, extra large.

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