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The Basic Coat, Black and White


This is the coat I designed to do pretty much everything. I wanted a coat that would slide on easily over the sweats and tees I wear while I'm working in my studio, and still look relatively pulled together. This is that coat. It is easy to wear, warm, waterproof, windproof, reversible (so it's really two coats), washable, and it's really cute. The collar pulls up into a hoodie and has fleece lined pockets to warm you hands. Each side has it's own pockets so you always have secret pockets on the inside!

All my coats are waterproof with heat sealed seams, so you can wear them in any weather. The basic coat has a microfleece core for warmth so you can wear it from fall to spring. I tested my coat in every kind of weather: worn over a sweater, it kept me warm to -5C, but over a tee it was just right for spring . 

The only problem with this coat is....which side do I like best?

What size do you want? small, medium, large, extra large.

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