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About Boo and Grace Chic



Why Boo and Grace?...My Mom taught me to sew at the age of eight, but more than teaching, she gave me her creative DNA and creativity has sustained and driven me in every corner of my life and in very surprising ways. I wanted to honour her in a very subtle way.

Boo was my Mom's best teenage friend at the cottage where she spent her summers. To this day, no one knows why she was called Boo. Boo never called Mom by her given name, but always called her Grace. And we don't know the why of that either. And so I chose Boo and Grace as the slightly odd and subtle nod to my mother. I took the first photos of my coats at the dock where they played and swam.

Thanks, Mom, for all of it.

These coats came from my desire to stop getting cold and wet when walking my dogs. I also wanted something to throw on over my jewelry-making sweats and tee's (www.bronzegoddessjewelry.com, if you want to look) and look somewhat pulled together when running for groceries. And of course, being an artist, it had to be artful. Thus the Jennifer Coat was born: waterproof, windproof, breathable, hand painted, reversible, washable, plus a polar fleece core and faux fur. The Jennifer has a large collar which doubles as a hoodie, but is easily scrunched down behind the neck and out of the way. It is reversible and, since each side has it's own pockets, you always have secret pockets on the inside for valuables. It only wrinkles a little after sitting in the car, but even those hang out. I can adjust the coat to how cold you get. I wore my basic coat (no fur, microfleece core) all this past winter and was comfortably warm the entire time. However, for those who wish they lived in Barbados all winter or those who just want the luxurious feel of fur, the polar fleece core plus faux fur is the right choice for you.

The Charlotte Coat is meant to take over where the Jennifer stops, for spring and fall. I usually like to paint spring colours on one side and fall colours on the other, but sometimes my love of colour takes over and I make a day coat on one side and an evening coat on the other. The Charlotte has all the features of the Jennifer: waterproof, windproof, breathable, handpainted, reversible and washable.

I then developed a basic coat for each style, in the signature black and white fabric (not hand painted) on one side and plain black on the other. Recently my art took over again and I added splatter paint or stripes to the black side. I just couldnt resist.

After my brother bought a Jennifer Coat for his wife, he said it was too bad I couldnt make a matching one for their dog Lily, and that started the Lily Coat. So, fashionista dog lovers, you can go out as a matching pair or complete opposites. For short haired dogs, I like to make 2 separate coats, one waterproof and one of fleece, so you can wear them together or separately for maximum comfort.

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