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'I test my fabrics and colorants vigorously for washability. Here is what I recommend:

- Hand wash, cool, with a mild detergent
- Do not dry clean (ever!). Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets
- Hang or lay flat to dry.
- Do not scrub painted areas

I use a laundry sink, or I put a couple of inches of water in the bathtub and swish it around, then rinse. A furnace room is great for drying, either hanging up or laying on a rack. The bathtub is also a good area if you have a rack made for drying clothes that will fit in the tub.

I know that hand washing a coat may seem a big job, so here is what I am doing: I make fabric swatches painted in the same way as your coat and I machine wash the swatch to test it. I include those swatches with your coat. I encourage you to machine wash them yourself. Based on those results, you can choose to machine wash your coat (cool, gentle cycle, mild soap, hang or lay flat to dry, touch up ironing with pressing cloth).

If you have any worries about washing, email me and I'll work with you.'

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